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Accession number:  10366
VFB id:  FBbt_00003995    
Neuron name:  bVI
Synonyms:  bilateral V-relay interneuron
Position of cell bodies:   
Number of cells:   
Neuron class:  olfactory secondary neuron 
Innervating regions:  AL (V, both sides)
Presynaptic sites:   
Postsynaptic sites:   
Direction of information:   
Publications:  - Stocker et al. (1990) Cell Tissue Res. 262:9-34
Strains / Antibodies:   
Morphological description:   Bilateral V-relay interneuron (bVI) is an asymmetric relay interneuron of which branches profusely in both left and right glomeruli V. They are connected to each other via the SOG (suboesophageal ganglion) by a stout process. Slightly lateral to the midline, this process sends off a single asymmetric branch that extends into the lateral SOG, most likely towards the cell body. Furthermore, some distance behind each antennal lobe, two mirror-symmetric side branches arise from the stout process that connects the two lobes. These side branches extend straight into the ventro-lateral deutocerebrum; their final destination is not clear.
Functional description:   
Figure 1:  
From Stocker et al. (1990), Figure 14g.
Figure 2:  
From Stocker et al. (1990), Figure 16d.

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