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Accession number:  10369
VFB id:  FBbt_00007575    
Neuron name:  aristal neuron (VP2)
Position of cell bodies:  mechanosensory sensillum in arista
Number of cells:   
Neuron class:  aristal mechanosensory neuron 
Innervating regions:  AL hub [VP2 glomerulus in Stocker et al. (1990)], mechanosensory sensillum in arista
Presynaptic sites:   
Postsynaptic sites:  AL hub [VP2 glomerulus in Stocker et al. (1990)]
Direction of information:   
Publications:  - Stocker et al. (1990) Cell Tissue Res. 262:9-34
Strains / Antibodies:   
Morphological description:   This neuron is a mechanosensory neuron which projects from the arista of the antenna to the glomerulus VP2 of the ipsilateral side of the antennal lobe. The glomeruli VP2 and VP3 appear to be unique targets of the ipsilateral aristal sensilla. Massive Golgi impregnations and CoCl2 backfills demonstrate that VP2 and VP3 receive only few axons. This is in agreement with the small number of neurons present in the aristal sense organ (Foelix et al. (1989) Cell Tissue Res. 258:277-287) and could explain why these glomeruli were not shown by the relatively faint Lucifer Yellow marker.
Functional description:   
Figure 1:  
Terminal of a pharyngeal afferent entering brain via the accesory pharyngeal nerve. From Stocker et al. (1990), Figure 8.

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This record was added by Kazunori Shinomiya on 02/04/2010.