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Accession number:  10422
VFB id:  FBbt_00067047    
Neuron name:  ORN (Or83c)
Synonyms:  ORN (DC3)
Position of cell bodies:  olfactory sensillum in antenna (at2)
Number of cells:   
Neuron class:  olfactory sensory neuron 
Innervating regions:  AL (DC3), olfactory sensillum in antenna (at2)
Presynaptic sites:  AL (DC3)
Postsynaptic sites:   
Direction of information:   
Publications:  - Fishilevich and Vosshall (2005) Curr. Biol. 15(17):1548-53
- Couto et al. (2005) Curr. Biol. 15:1535-1547
- Endo et al. (2007) Nat. Neurosci. 10(2):153-60
Strains / Antibodies:   
Morphological description:   
Functional description:  Ligand molecule of the OR: geranyl acetate

Static link to this record :  https://flybrain-ndb.VirtualFlyBrain.org/neuronrec-10422.html
This record was added by Kazunori Shinomiya on 02/04/2010.