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Accession number:  10437
VFB id:  FBbt_00110012    
Neuron name:  ORN (VM1)
Position of cell bodies:  olfactory sensillum in antenna
Number of cells:   
Neuron class:  olfactory sensory neuron 
Innervating regions:  AL (VM1), olfactory sensillum in antenna
Presynaptic sites:  AL (VM1)
Postsynaptic sites:   
Direction of information:   
Publications:  - Stocker et al. (1990) Cell Tissue Res. 262:9-34
- Endo et al. (2007) Nat. Neurosci. 10(2):153-60
Strains / Antibodies:   
Morphological description:   ORN (VM1) is an olfactory receptor neuron which projects from the antenna to the glomeruli VM1 of both of the antennal lobes. In most cases, the input site is the coeloconic or the basiconic sensillum on the antenna, while minor afferents with their i
Functional description:   

Static link to this record :  https://flybrain-ndb.VirtualFlyBrain.org/neuronrec-10437.html
This record was added by Kazunori Shinomiya on 02/04/2010.