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Accession number:  10367
VFB id:  FBbt_00003996    
Neuron name:  TI
Synonyms:  thoracic relay interneuron
Position of cell bodies:  antero-dorsal cortex of brain
Number of cells:   
Neuron class:  olfactory secondary neuron 
Innervating regions:  ventral half of AL, thoracic ganglion, PLP? [posterior lateral brain in Stocker et al. (1990)]
Presynaptic sites:   
Postsynaptic sites:   
Direction of information:   
Publications:  - Stocker et al. (1990) Cell Tissue Res. 262:9-34
Strains / Antibodies:   
Morphological description:   Thoracic relay interneuron (TI) has been found that arborizes profusely in a number of antennal glomeruli, i.e., in VA3, DL1/DA3, and in the VP1-3 region. These arborizations, originate from a stout process that leaves the antennal lobe through the AST (antenno-suboesophageal tract). Shortly behind the lobe, the process sends off a very long fiber towards the cell body, which is located in the antenno-dorsal cortex of the lobe, near the midline. The main process divides once more. One branch extends into the posterior brain and establishes terminal arborizations just behind the great commissure; the other branches project thorough the SOG and neck connective into the thoracic ganglion. Its thoracic targets are not known.
Functional description:   
Figure 1:  
From Stocker et al. (1990), Figure 17.

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