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Accession number:  50142
Strain / Antibody name:  C155 > n-synaptobrevin::GFP, DsRed, Rdl-HA
Alternative / abbreviated names:  "Tricolor" staining
Neurons / Pathways:  
Description:  UAS-neuronal-synaptobrevin::GFP (localized at presynapses), UAS-DsRed (cytosolic, localized at axons and cell bodies) and UAS-Rdl-HA (presumably postsynaptic, but also localized at significant proportions of cell bodies and axons) are driven by a GAL4 strain C155 (elav-GAL4), which is expressed in almost all the neurons in the brain. The staining pattern is called "tricolor" staining, since it shows a fine pattern of internal structures in the brain with three different reporter molecules.
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This record was added by Kazunori Shinomiya on 2/6/2010.