Flybrain Neuron Database: Terms of Use

Flybrain Neuron Database (Flybrain NDB) is an extension to the Flybrain, an Online Atlas of the Drosohila Nervous System. Flybrain NDB collects images and descriptions of single identified neurons in the Drosophila brain. The purpose of the Flybrain NDB is to provide morphological information of all the fly brain neurons identified so far. To this aim collection of published and unpublished documentation and images is going on.

Contents of the Flybrain Neuron Database

Flybrain NDB is a relational database that can be searched from two criteria.

  • Via "Neuron Search", you can get the list of the neurons according to the name given to them (full name or part of it), their areas of arborizations, distribution of pre- or postsynaptic sites (if known), and keywords that appear in the accompanied documentation.
  • Via "Antibody/Strain Search", you can get the list of molecular markers, such as antibodies and Drosophila strains like GAL4 enhancer-trap lines, that are known to label particular neurons or neural pathways.
  • Other search features may added in the future.

Copyright and distribution

  • Flybrain NDB is free. No log-in procedure or user registration is required.
  • All contents of Flybrain NDB are copyright ©2008 Flybrain NDB or their original publication (as noted in respective images).
  • Images or text may be used by individuals or organizations for non-profit, educational and scientific purposes with proper citation (see next section).
  • Images and text may not be republished (in any form) or used for profit without the consent of the Flybrain NDB manager.

How to cite Flybrain NDB as a whole

  • Where the citation is to the database as a whole, please refer to it with URL as:
    "Flybrain Neuron Database ("

How to cite particular parts of the Flybrain NDB

  • When you cite documentation about particular neuron type, please refer to it with the accession number (acc.), which is indicated on the top of the description of each neuron.
  • Each record of Flybrain NDB may contain data from multiple contributors. The name of the contributor (author) and the year the material is contributed are indicated at the end of the text and figure legend. Please include the name of these contributors in your citation.
  • An example of full citation:
    LC10 neuron, Otsuna, H., and Ito, K. (2007) Flybrain Neuron Database (, acc. 10010
  • Some of the neurons are reported for the first time in this database. In such a case, please cite the database itself as shown above.
  • Please note that some of the data incorporated in Flybrain NDB might already be published in journals or textbooks. Please examine the papers listed in the literature list in the documentation and cite appropriate papers in addition to the reference to Flybrain NDB (as shown above).

How to submit your data

  • We appreciate your contribution. Flybrain NDB presents any types of data that are helpful for understanding the morphology and projection patterns of identified neurons. We accept, text data as well as photographs and drawings of neurons in standard-format (e.g. tiff, jpeg, gif), movies of serial sections and 3-D rotating brain samples (e.g. wmv, mpg, mov), and propriety format data of popular graphic software that users can manipulate by themselves (e.g. Laser Scanning Microsope data and Amira data).
  • Please contact Flybrain NDB manager to arrange submission. The data will be presented with the name of the contributor, which will be cited appropriately in literatures (as shown above).

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