Brain Region List by Strausfeld/Otsuna

The following list consolidates the brain regions described on the website Flybrain, and in Otsuna and Ito (2006, J. Comp. Neurol. 497:928-958). Contents of the Flybrain website are based on definitions in "Atlas of an Insect Brain" (Strausfeld, N. J., 1976, Springer-Verlag (Berlin, New York)).
Click each brain region names for detailed descriptions, or relationship to the newer brain region nomenclature system.
Names with asterisks (*) are those defined or referred only by Otsuna and Ito.

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Drosophila nervous system

central nervous system (CNS)

optic lobe (OL)

lamina (la)
medulla (me)
lobula (lo)
lobula plate (lop)
central brain

superior medial protocerebrum (s m pr)

*anterior superiormedial protocerebrum (*asmpr)
*middle superiormedial protocerebrum (*msmpr)
*posterior superiormedial protocerebrum (*psmpr)
inferior medial protocerebrum (i m pr)

*anterior inferiormedial protocerebrum (*aimpr)
*middle inferiormedial protocerebrum (*mimpr)
*posterior inferiormedial protocerebrum (*pimpr)
*ventromedial protocerebrum (*vmpr)
superior lateral protocerebrum (s l pr)

*middle superiorlateral protocerebrum (*mslpr)
*posterior superiorlateral protocerebrum (*pslpr)
inferior lateral protocerebrum (i l pr)

middle inferiorlateral protocerebrum (*milpr)
posterior inferiorlateral protocerebrum (*pilpr)
ventrolateral protocerebrum (v l pr)
posterior slope (p sl)

*superior posterior slope (*spsl)
*inferior posterior slope (*ipsl)
*posterior lateral protocerebrum (*plpr)
mushroom body (*MB)

*medial lobe (*m)

beta lobe (beta)
gamma lobe (gamma)
*vertical lobe (*v)

alpha lobe (alpha)
pedunculus (ped / *p)
calyx (ca)
central complex (*CC)

central body (CB)

ellipsoid body (eb)
fan-shaped body (fb)

superior arch (s ar)
lateral protuberance (l pt)
noduli (no)
protocerebral bridge (pb)
buttress (bu)
inferior bridge (inf b)
ventral body (v bo)
isthmus (isth)
accessory body (acc bo)
optic tubercle (op tu)
lateral horn (l ho / *LH)
antennal lobe (ant lob / *AL)
deuterocerebrum / *deutocerebrum (deut / *de)
antennal nerve (ant n / *AN)
antenno-mechanosensory region / *antennal motor and mechanosensory center (ant m sens / *ammc)
tritocerebrum (trito)
suboesophageal ganglion (sog)
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